Thornley Silver Prize Band, circa 1935


Thornley Colliery Silver Prize Band, circa 1935

This photograph, which is from the E Kitto Collection via F Bromilow, probably dates from early 1935 and was taken outside Thornley House. A similar one, which has since been lost, was given to Hubert Tunney by the Thornley Band Secretary, J W Murray, in March 1935. The accompanying letter of thanks from Mr Murray to Hubert Tunney, written on the bandís official headed notepaper, has survived and has been copied on this page of the site. The text of the letter I have transcribed below:


To Mr H Tunney

Dear Sir,

I have great pleasure in sending you a photo of the band which I know you will appreciate.

It is only a small token Hubert, but it is not merely the small gift, but our appreciation to one who has always stood by our side and helped to smooth the way which, if it had not been for your valuable counsel and help, would have been been very rough for us. Your fellow officials also have stood by us and helped wonderfully, but you are our stronghold and champion in all ways and you must excuse me if I give vent to my feelings to you, a remark which I have said many times among the men of Thornley Colliery: you are the best leader and counsellor of men there has ever been in Thornley. This pen of mine cannot express my admiration for you. You are a champion.

Yours faithfully,

Jack Murray

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Bandmaster E Kitto is sitting at the centre of the photograph and Thornley Minersí Lodge Chairman Hubert Tunney is to the right of him. Hopefully in due course, I will be able to compile a full caption for the rest of the players and union officials.