Thornley Band and  the1923 Banner

Thornley Colliery Band, Thornley Miners’ Lodge Officials and the 1923 Banner

This photograph, E Kitto Collection via Fred Bromilow, seems to date from 1923 when the Thornley Miners’ Lodge received their new banner. Peter Lee is the distinguished looking older gentleman standing under the left of the banner. Hubert Tunney is the hatless young man three to the right of him. Bandmaster Edward Kitto Snr who formed the band and trained many of its members, is kneeling at the extreme left.

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This local newspaper item from 12/1/23 is reprinted in the book The Weardale Steel and Coke Company 1914-1947, pages 100-101:

The members of the Thornley Miners’ Lodge unfurled their new banner at a well-attended and enthusiastic meeting in the Workingmen’s Club Hall on Saturday afternoon. Mr Hubert Tunney (Chairman of the Lodge) presided and was supported on the platform by Mr J Batey MP, Mr Peter Lee (Financial Agent of the Durham Miners’ Association) and Messrs Joseph Carey, Joseph Henderson, John Amos and John Fleming (officials of the Thornley Lodge).

The banner was furled at the back of the platform and, when it was unfurled by Mr Peter Lee, it was seen that is was of a very charming design and happy blend of colours. On one side was shown the figure of trade unionism drawing aside the curtain and displaying a vista of the better condition of things: happy children dancing on the green before a picturesque home, and the workers emerge from oppression to liberty. The other side showed the aspirations of trade unionism in another design and there were suitable quotations on both sides of the banner.

Mr H Tunney, in an informative speech, said their old banner had seen its best days and had done good service. He thought Thornley miners could congratulation themselves upon what they were doing for their members and the community in