The news items below on bank nationalisation seem to date from the early 1930s, during the Great Depression and the era of Ramsey McDonald’s coalition National Government, and prove that the more things change, the more they stay the same. The item at right is from 1930-31. The following are the other documents and photographs currently posted:

The Miners’ Union, the Local Council and the Labour Party, Selected Surviving Correspondence and Newspaper Items.

A 1920 Agreement on Electric Lighting between Thornley Miners’ Lodge and the Weardale Steel and Coke Company.

Hubert Tunney’s 1923 reference, by Mr John Rivers, Manager of Thornley Colliery.

Thornley Colliery Band, Thornley Miners’ Lodge Officials and the 1923 Banner.

Thornley Aged Miners Home Committee, May 1931 on the occasion of the Foundation Ceremony for the new Greenwood Homes.

Thornley Miners’ Lodge Greenwood Homes Banner and photographs of some of the Greenwood Cottages, demolished in 2009, which inspired the banner design, including 2009 photographs of Hubert Tunney’s foundation stone.

Thornley Colliery Silver Prize Band, circa 1935.

J W Murray, Secretary Thornley Colliery Silver Prize Band, a letter of thanks to Hubert Tunney, 18/3/35.

The 1923 Banner, Band and union officials photograph featured on a modern Miners’ Heritage Trail noticeboard at Cassop Cut.

Hubert Tunney and Thornley Miners’ Lodge Officials on Vesting Day, 1/1/47.

Hubert Tunney and the opening of the new Thornley Welfare Hall, 1953

Hubert Tunney, 1890-1974, Documents and Photographs Index Page
HT Banks news item early 30s
HT Banks 2nd news item banks early 30s